facilitatedThis remote-facilitated course trains you not only to configure your site but also how to be an effective and efficient site administrator in the long term. With topics aligning to each area of the Open LMS Site Administration area, you will learn about managing users and courses, configuring your site to be secure, and more!


communityThe Blackboard Classroom TRAIN Select solution contains a variety of training and support resources for your school to use to train your learning constituents on Blackboard Classroom, Blackboard Collaborate, and Blackboard Open Content. Enroll in this course to download your licensed materials and stay up-to-date with the latest news regarding your materials, share your experiences with other users, and ask questions of the larger community.

no facilitationThis orientation course will introduce you to the Blackboard Classroom Suite and provide a general overview of several key features of the Blackboard Classroom solution. The goal of this course is to help you understand what components are included in the Blackboard Classroom Suite, introduce you to those components, and define key terminology. Upon completing this course, you'll be ready to begin taking the in-depth Blackboard Classroom online courses that are available to your organization as part of your Blackboard Classroom training package. This course is not facilitated.


facilitatorThe goal of this course is to help teachers get started with online course design. While teachers know how to design a course for the face-to-face environment, they don't always have the knowledge required to design an online one. Designing online courses requires a paradigm shift in thinking about what a course is and how it is delivered. It can be more challenging than most expect. For this reason, we've created this course to aid in easing the transition and in creating an online course that meets the needs of both students and teachers.

Participants will learn about delivery approaches, course structure and flow, and design strategies. This course also introduces participants to best practices for online course design, and it provides an Online Course Planning Document to use while planning and designing online courses. A course facilitator will review submitted design documents and provide feedback to course participants.

This course focuses on course design and is not platform specific; therefore, it is relevant to all users, no matter the system participants plan to use for delivering courses.


facilitatedGet started in Blackboard Classroom by learning how to navigate in the system and use its basic functionality to build courses. This course focuses on topics such as building resources and activities, configuring the gradebook, managing files, tracking completion, restricting access, adding videos, communicating with students, and using course management tools. You will also learn the best practices to follow as you build your online courses and how to grade using the activity graders and the Open Grader. This course is not facilitated by an instructor.


facilitatorThis self-paced course is designed for Blackboard Classroom teachers. It teaches how to use the powerful tools in Blackboard Classroom that allow for personalized learning, the flipped classroom, mobile learning, class analytics, interactivity with H5P, cloud and productivity tools. This course reviews pedagogy, shows examples, and provides how-to instructions. You will learn about the Personalized Learning Designer, groups and groupings, Blackboard Classroom tools for Flipping the Classroom, Blackboard apps for Blackboard Classroom users, IntelliBoard, and Google G-Suite and the Microsoft Office integrations. This course is facilitated.


not facilitated Learn how to leverage Blackboard Open Content (formerly Blackboard xpLor) within Blackboard Classroom. Blackboard Open Content is an advanced learning object repository that allows users to author and store rich educational materials. Using Blackboard Open Content will change the way you discover, deliver, share, author, and copyright content. This course is not facilitated.


facilitator iconThis facilitated course is designed for the busy teacher who needs a flexible way to quickly get up to speed using Collaborate with the Ultra experience. You’ll also have access to an expert Blackboard Collaborate consultant who will help guide you through the course and answer questions along the way. Participants will be able to practice suggested tasks in a Collaborate practice room, and you’ll have opportunities for knowledge checks throughout the course to solidify your understanding of the platform and web conferencing. You’ll be able to share your ideas by contributing to discussion boards and learn from the developing repository of ideas accumulated from other participants, who have previously completed the course.